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Why choose us?


There are thousands of factories and companies based in Shenzhen, exporting usb drives and power bank , digital electronic products.
No matter big or small, it is easy to find one to start your work, but it is not that easy to have a partner to care what you care and make the work satisfied in the end..
Sometimes ,
you will find the quality is not what they are claimed before you order at all?
and changes without any notice, delayed delivery due to mistakes?
Your sales’ shorts of inter-personal skills and professional products knowledge need your more time and energy to make things goes smoothly?
And what’s more frustrated is no quick response and good solution for your complaint?

At AIMTORP Tech,we can promise you that ;
* No cheat for any of our products, no upgrade chips, no fake capacity, always being HONEST.
* Our Sales Assistant to make sure no mistake in production that leads to delay in delivery will strictly inspect your order.
* All our sales are professional with more than 3 years experience in this industry, with strong communication and performance. It will help to make your work easier and efficiently.
* Our factory is certified with CE, FCC, ROHS.. expert manufacturing OEM&ODM order for years, with strictly IQC,IPQC,FQC standards to control quality from incoming source, on-line production to printing, packing pre shipment. 100% h2t test,100% aging test one cycle.
* Quick response in 2 hours on our working time, Being reliable for any of your complaints to make sure no same issues happen again

Let’s our WIN-WIN partnership starts HERE! Contact us at Aimtorp@aimtorp.com.

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